Melting Pot

It was evening when we walked into the blue gates of Andretta pottery. Country music was spilling out into the lane, blending perfectly with the whirring of the wheel even as the hands guided theContinue reading “Melting Pot”

A walk with the wildflowers at Kaas

Come September, the Kaas plateau comes to life. Tiny blooms, shrubs, orchids, even carnivorous plants blossom on the plateau, which is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Most of it is a reserved forest,…

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Rock fusion

In the winding lanes of Panchgani, animals and birds take on a different sheen. The peacock by the tiny lotus pond is easily spotted, but the frogs not so much. Neither the eagle awaiting flight…

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Books and Berries

The sprawling villas on both sides don’t point to a village. I’m about to double-back when the signboard declares that I’m still a kilometre away. The signs are all over the place – a book and…

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In Pictures


A voyage across the sea
A memorial to lost soldiers
Ruined forts, abandoned houses,
Nature reclaiming its hand

August Blues

A call for torrential rain
A search for answers
A happy home
Prayers reflected in water

In exile

Walking in the mist, you wonderIs this the stuff or dreams or nightmares?How many who lay herecarried the dream of a Free Tibet?Waking to a past, untouched bythe mystics of the dreamcatcherThe grief, walking sideContinue reading “In exile”

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