The ghats are where the action is. Walk alongside and you will find kids playing cricket on each stretch. In the evenings, a premier league, replete with commentators, and a crowd you have to zip past to avoid being hit. Afternoons are about cards with tea. Also, to repair the boats that will be pushedContinue reading “Microcosm”

Back to school

When I first landed there, the kids were practicing for a dance competition. Nepali melodies were blasting off the lone speaker as the teachers corrected the steps and got the formation right. Seated on a small stool, a step above the veranda, I marvelled at the conceptualisation as the tune imprinted itself into my memory.Continue reading “Back to school”

The Great Indian Railways

I was half leaning against the sideboard, tying my hair,  eyes still groggy with sleep, when what do I see – a peacock strutting on the dusty road adjoining the rail tracks. The sun was still rising at this point as I gaped at these birds from the coveted side lower berth during my journeyContinue reading “The Great Indian Railways”