Art by the bay

You smell Sassoon Docks before you see it. The olfactory hints grow stronger past the red and white archway, as you do some quick-stepping to avoid the strewn prawn shells that litter the way to the jetty. But few take this short walk by the warehouses, save the amateur photographer, curious visitor or restaurant owner.┬áIt’sContinue reading “Art by the bay”

Indigo diaries

They were among the first ones to go up. Flapping back and forth on the flimsy wire, my eyes kept returning to those printed dupattas as the tables were padded up with layers of white cloth. Were we to make these? Seated outside, on the lawns of the Bhau Daji Lad museum for the DabuContinue reading “Indigo diaries”

Walking back in time

It’s 1874. Mumbai’s first tram has just pulled away from Parel TT towards Colaba. As the horse-drawn carriage trudges ahead, a turn of the head reveals a stepwell, wide enough to accommodate the horses. Remember it is the age of nobility. Little wonder then that the news of Prince Albert’s arrival a year later hasContinue reading “Walking back in time”