Canal town

The boat was moored to the left, right behind the tiny brick house. From the car, I could see two more wooden hulls swaying slightly in the greenish hue of the water. Every house, the ones painted in garish shades or the ones with the fading walls, had a boat tied at the back. Half-submerged stoneContinue reading “Canal town”

The silent lullaby

The waves ran back and forth caressing the wooden hull, swaying it ever so slightly. Within the enclosure, my eyes grew heavy, lulled by the silent whispering of the sea. The wind came as a co-conspirator, making me sink deeper into the blankets. On my first night aboard Samaira, the houseboat that we had pickedContinue reading “The silent lullaby”

A trip on the religious side

It’s quiet outside. Just a few men in white drapes, clung over their shoulders and wrapped at the waist. The women trailing behind are in black burqas; the younger ones, in colourful long scarves that reach their fingers. Scrambling in the opposite direction, Labaik on our lips as taught by the maulana, we enter theContinue reading “A trip on the religious side”

On the tiger’s trail

An hour away from the chilly air of Ooty, you will see peacocks strutting on the sidewalks as if out on a daily routine. A little ahead, a family of langurs (monkeys) perched on the dividers and trees will eye you cautiously as you pass by in your car/jeep. And just like that, a herd ofContinue reading “On the tiger’s trail”

Three Women in a boat

There were three of us – me, mom and my sis. We had just reached Gateway to catch the boat. Well, technically it was a ferry boat, with more than a dozen people on board but that doesn’t matter. If you haven’t taken a ferry ride before, you definitely must. Barring the queue, the madContinue reading “Three Women in a boat”