Treasure trove


This time I was in the desert, watching the story of Dodola and Zam unfold from a distance. From the ruined ship to the Palace grounds, I saw fate tear apart the lives of these child slaves, their changing relationship and perpetual struggle to build a world for themselves.  A few months prior, I was in the US, battling snow and religious dogma enforced in churches. Before that? Well, it’s a little hazy, but I was flying with the Iron Man, thinking how can I get him to build a Jarvis for me.

No, I’m not hallucinating! It’s just that it’s easy to forget the outside world when safely seated on cushions, in a basement filled with comics and graphic novels. At Leaping Windows in Versova, you simply have to reach out to grab Craig Thompson’s Habibi or Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series or some Manga. If you are looking for superheroes instead, there is the whole Marvel and DC universe at this small comic book library cum cafe. And for a lighter tread there’s Calvin, Asterix, Tintin and the gang.

To access the books, you can either take a monthly membership or just head downstairs for an hour or two to read from their collection for less than 100 bucks. What’s more, you just have to walk back upstairs to satisfy your hunger cravings. The cafe, replete with artwork, featuring the likes of Wolverine, Batman and more superheroes, has plenty of snack options.

Ps: The menu is designed as a comic book too! Check out Leaping Windows here

This story was also published on The City Story

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