It’s the little things…

There are many Christmas traditions I adore, especially the Icelandic one of gifting books and spending Christmas eve reading them. While we are still to adopt the latter, thanks to the many book clubs and Secret Santa swaps the former is getting ingrained slowly. (See: Exhibit a)


While I’m still grinning ear to ear looking at these books, it was my Santee’s wishlist that reintroduced me to Studio Kokaachi. Sure, I had read about them a while back but had forgotten about these little marvels completely. Aren’t they cute?


A small indie publishing house, Studio Kookachi brings out comics, picture books and matchbox stories. What’s Kookachi, you ask? It’s a monster-creature that Mallu parents in Kerala use to scare kids into eating food. But don’t worry, Kookachi, itself, is a rather cute little monster, one who would snugly fit in Monsters Inc.

Yes, I managed a peek before sending it to the rightful owner. But while I adore the concept and the illustrations were beautiful, the stories could be a tad better. My favourite though was the Flight of the Dandelions. Have a look…


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