Spineless Classics: Carl Pappenheim’s bookish art

Reblogged a friend’s post on Carl Pappenheim’s bookish art. As amazing as the art looks, it involves a lot of work and Pappenheim deserves credit for this fabulous work

North Wind's Journey

Almost two years back I went to an exhibition in Mumbai where an artist was showcasing his bookish art. Now, I am one who does not like people fiddling with her books. No underlines or side notes, no folded or dog-eared pages and certainly no cut outs of any sort. Therefore, you may be able to understand exactly how curious I was to see how can one create art with books without destroying them – in which case I would have hated it and would not have written this post, of course.

Carl Pappenheim’s art – under his label ‘Spineless Classics‘ is essentially made of silhouettes. He uses shadows/ silhouettes to make a picture of a poster of a book. And the rest of the poster is made up of the whole book or novel. So, if you were to stand in front of his paintings with a magnifying…

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