Postcard tales

I and a friend sent postcards last week for Kitabkhana and Katha Kosa’s Stories on a Postcard challenge. It was simple really – you just had to write a original short story or a poem on the postcard. And so we did..
Here goes my story………
She would have to get going soon if she was doing this. As she kept scrunching and unscrunching the paper in her hand, her eyes fell on the huge clock ahead. It was mocking her, every movement making her take a step back.

4 am. 

Was she being unreasonable? Foolish? Or was it just greed.
The doubts were surrounding her whole. They always did.

In two hours, she would get up and do the pooja. Then start the cooking, wash the clothes, tidy the house – a list of chores that would only end when it was time for her to leave for the job. Then at work, she would have to battle the unending queries and abuses from people she didn’t know and couldn’t reply to. A few snatches of sleep in the bus back home and a few more in her bed. Then it was back to the grind.

On her one day off, a husband who didn’t like her visiting her parents or friends. The house and office – a whole existence.

It would only get worse with a kid, the demands for whom were getting intensified. Would she turn into a parent that shoves their unfullfilled dreams on their kids? Did she want to be that person? Or live a life without any say in it?

She picked up the bag just as the final whistle sounded, moving towards a new beginning.

All the entries will be displayed between Oct 25-31 at the Kitab Khana bookstore. Do check it out and maybe send in an entry of your own next year…

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