Book trails…

I was just going through Facebook when I came across this post from Book Riot. The post is about Bookworm gardens, which is a theme park dedicated to children’s literature. It has gateways that are modeled over children’s classics and more than 60 books that are stored inside stone pillars, at the entrance of every gateway. It seems all colourful and perfect for kids. But alas! it is in the UK. To be exact – Sheboygan in Wisconsin. Here is the map:


Also, in UK is the Roald Dahl museum that I really really want to visit so that I can see the Writing Hut where Dahl wrote his stories. And apparently, there are also Dicken’s World, Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare), Haworth (Brontë sisters) among other places to visit that I discovered just today.

But the find of the day was this article of National Geographic, which has been carefully bookmarked and which will be printed and saved. It lists the top 10 literary cities along with the must-visit places and literary walks plus links of websites…it is a treasure trove.

While UK was already on my map, after reading the article now I want to visit all of these places. Just the thought of going through lanes that featured in Sherlock Holmes stories or visiting one of the cafes that Hemingway frequented has me grinning from ear to ear. I so hope I earn enough money to do so.

But at the same time I lament that India has nothing of this sort yet apart from say the Jaipur Literature Fest.  I hope we can rectify this soon because I’m sure there are crazy-headed people like me who would fall for it in an instant.

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