George’s tales

Oooo… Italian marble. Nice.

Oh! Slippery. It’s Slippery! Balancing my masculine body on this floor is like taking fancy dance lessons with the splits and turns. Now don’t get me wrong I like to dance but not when I might fall on my face any moment.


I just had to say it, didn’t I?

I think I might have cracked some ribs. Blasted marble! Who in the right sense would put these on the floor?

My feet are refusing to find the wretched floor. I turn on my side now, uhhh…one last push and I’ll be back on my feet………Thud!

I really get the feeling I should stop speaking out loud.

Left. Now Right. Phew! Back on my feet. About time, I say.

You know they should do something about the entryway if they can afford this marble jazz. I almost twisted my feet while climbing up. The broken ribs will not come cheap either. But it’s nice and warm and cozy in here. The lights are out. I should try and steal a nap while no one’s around. God knows what they will do to me once I am found.

This is a nice spot for my mangled limbs. It has been a long day, days rather. Inadvertently, I am dreaming about home again. I can’t believe it has only been a week, it seems like ages, I tell you.

Oh! the mere thought of past days and my escape from underground chills me to the core. What dark and slimy creatures lurk there. They creep right next to you with their antlers poking and the constant buzzing is enough to drive one crazy. Not to mention the constant running you have to do for your life, with huge bulky rats chasing you.

What was that? Is that the door opening? Are they home already?

I try to hide in the closet, moving as fast as I can with my broken limbs. I am safe. She didn’t see me. She is merely flossing her teeth. Is it night already? I better floss my teeth too after she is done and out of here. She is almost done. Wait, she is combing her hair now. I can see her from the corner of my eye. I was scared at first but she looks like a nice person. Her eyes are black and huge but they somehow look sad. Is she alone too, lost like me in this vast city?

She is leaving now. I heave a sigh of relief. After a while, I will go and check out the place. I don’t mean to steal anything from her. It is just that I am starving. I haven’t had a decent meal since leaving home.

She is coming back. What is it with girls and 101 things to do before they sleep? We guys are just so much better.

Oh shit! She has seen me. A scream escapes her lips. I tell you girls can be loud. Now, she is cowering in the corner. Wait a minute, is she afraid of me? Am I scary?

Actually, I am scared too. I am waiting for her to confront me, to yell at me, to ask me to get the hell out of her house. Wait, why is she going out so stealthily?

I look left and right. How do I get the hell out of here?The stories I have heard about such encounters are not pretty, not pretty in the least. Would this nice girl harm me?

I am still inside the room. I can’t move out the door because I can see her silhouette outside. The window is the only option but I already have a sprained ankle. I don’t want to go back the way I came. I can’t face those dark, creepy creatures again. Ohh! the horror the mere thought brings!

The girl is coming back. I want to speak to her, tell her that I will be gone as soon as I can, maybe next morning itself. I want to tell her my entire story, tell her that I need a place to stay just for tonight.

It is starting to get cold suddenly. Something is running down my legs. And no sooner than I can figure out I am caught in a flood. Help! Help! I am falling into the dark abyss. She is trying to drown me. The scoundrel.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..not the darkness again!

I can hear the girl say, “The cockroach’s taken care off” as I get ready to battle the underground again.

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