Super heroes for company, anyone?

Last week was all about super heroes which led me to think that I too need a Jarvis in my life. Then I thought it must be real fun to deliver smack in the face dialogues, written by Shane Black and Drew Pearce. Then I remembered Mark Ruffalo and I kind of lost track of what I was thinking (*still thinking about him and spinning dreams*). Then I suddenly woke up and flew into the air in my Mark-42 as the green guy ran havoc below. Then I actually woke up..Yeah! not the end I wanted either.

Well since Stark Industries will take some time to actually build itself, the next best thing is to have the super heroes for company atleast. So, that is exactly what I did. My week began like this…

My friend (the movie buff) told me I had to watch all the preceding movies before watching Iron Man III. Now, since she knows more about movies than anyone else I know, I relented and ended up watching six (six!) super hero movies, excluding Iron Man III. After that obviously, I was hooked and addicted. And being the nerd that I am, I wanted to read as much as I could about these characters. That’s when I remembered about this comic book library my friend had told me about.

Now, I am not a comic book buff. Even as a kid, I just remember reading Batman, Archies, Tinkle and a little of Calvin and Hobbes. I was more of a Enid Blyton fan. But an exclusive comic book library seemed something different and I was on a super hero high, so I and a friend ended up visiting this comic book place in Andheri called the Leaping Windows.

leaping windows

Photo courtesy: Leaping Windows Facebook page

The first sight that you encounter there is the cafe outside, which looks cosy and comfortable, with nice cane lamps overhead. Inside, you walk down the spiral staircase into the basement and you see tall racks full of books. And they are all comic books – right from Amar Chitra Katha to Manga to illustrated novels of H G Wells to a complete rack for Marvel comics to Asterix and Calvin and Garfield.


Photo courtesy: Shohini Sen

What made this an experience for me was how comfortable it was, just leaning back on the cushions set on the floor right in the middle of the book rack, seeing books all around, stretching the legs on the cane mats and the collection ofcourse. It was like living your dream of having a library at home. And while you might have thought of specifics of how your personal library would be, you would just embrace the place just as it is given a chance. Atleast, I would because at the end of the day, I didn’t feel like going back home even though I stay more than an hour away. And this was after I had read for more than two hours.


Photo courtesy: Shohini Sen

And ofcourse, with reading comes eating and here the cafe upstairs (they have it both indoors and outdoors) helps. You don’t even have to open the fridge, just order good-sounding things. The food we tried was nice, decently priced and the staff was cordial. They even have something called the super hero cookies that we didn’t get to try but they still sound interesting.


Photo courtesy: Leaping Windows Facebook page

And the amazing part is that the reading charges are just Rs 30 for an hour. They also have a delivery and a membership system but I would rather just go and sit and read there the entire day.

The constant breeze and the waft of sea air outside just makes its so much more endearing. You just forget you are sitting in one of the busiest places in Mumbai.

And, they have this cafe extension on the first floor (like two or three tables), where a guy was drawing super heroes. There were quite a number of them already on the walls, and it was quite creative and worth a look.


Photo courtesy: Shohini Sen (This was a framed painting they had in the basement)

In short, the place had me smitten. And I returned wanting to really really build a bookstore like this someday. Maybe, someday I will. But till then, I and my friend have made a pact to visit this place atleast once a month.

Ps: My super hero senses are already tingling.

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