A slice of Egypt

I stumbled onto my Egyptian bookmarks today while rearranging the book shelf. I had gotten these from an exhibition on ‘The Mummy’ at the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. The exhibition, itself, was nice with a 3D show included but the bookmarks tipped everything else. Especially, so, as I got one in my name with Egyptian symbols. Have a look…


The one on the left has common Egyptian symbols – the last two are the eye of Horus ( symbol of protection) and the Ankh (symbol of eternal life).

The one on the right, ofcourse, is my name. Want to see what your name looks like? Refer to the chart below. And if you are adventurous enough, go ahead and make your own Egyptian bookmark.

egypt symbols

Ps: I also had my eye on a bag with the eye of Horus but alas less money in my pocket.

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