Martyr’s widow

A lone soul she sits on the steps

Looking beyond the gravel path
Reminiscing the few moments
She had;
Stolen against every person in the country,
Her country;
Who had more a right on her beloved,
Than she ever did;
Always second on his list
She longed for his presence
In joys and sorrows,
In the mundane and the strange,
In long nights and even longer days
Tired of living all by herself,
Portraying a calm demeanour,
A strong exterior;
She would wonder
Do I even have a claim on him?
Her days are now bleak
The tiny thread of hope broken;
An empty shell, she lies
In the cage of her memories;
Her life full of sacrifice
More so than the brave soldier,
Who faces the enemy;
The enemy who raises an ugly eye towards his mother land
For she has the responsibility thrust on her
Unlike the soldier who though selflessly
Gets to choose his life journey


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