Welcome Aboard!

My friend once sent me a message, which went something like this….

Sometimes the smallest gestures go right to the heart…A smile from a stranger when you are lost in a crowd…An old friend calling from a distant land just to say ‘I Miss You’…the touch of a mother’s hand on your forehead when you are unable to sleep…A friend asking you what’s wrong when you thought no one noticed…A hand on your shoulder when it feels like the world is against you…An unexpected hug from the one you love the most….I pray you get all these when you need them for really these are the unforgettable moments in everyone’s life.

You might call it a cliché but it really lit up my face. And it’s indeed these little things that matter, that fill the heart with hope when you are broke, that bring on the widest grin, the merriest laughter and the happiest memories.

This blog is about some of these moments — sipping coffee on the windowsill in pouring rain, letting the child in you soar the skies on the swing set, coming home to your family after a bullshit day, getting that window seat in the train, packing for that long-awaited holiday, conversations with friends and well you get the drift. So, welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy these little musings as much as I do.

Chao for now



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